Your Car’s Suspension


Your car’s suspension system consists of three primary components – shock absorbers, springs, and struts. All three of them help the control and handling qualities of your vehicle. Without shocks and struts, a vehicle would bounce hard, making driving extremely difficult, not to mention dangerous. Shocks and struts are considered critical to the safe operation of your vehicle – they are designed to help keep your tires on the road and you in control of your vehicle.

Absorbers work

Shock absorbers work by controlling the energy, or absorb the spring, of the springs to prevent bottoming out. So, when you hit a pothole, the bottom of your car doesn’t smash into the ground. The shocks, struts, and springs work together and keep the movement of the car under control as it moves down the road, over bumps, around corners and curves.

Struts are a structural part of the suspension system mounted to the chassis of the vehicle to hold the shocks in place. They control spring and suspension movement, which keeps tires in contact with the road. Strut replacement can be more expensive, but have a longer life than normal shock absorbers. The McPherson strut suspension system, which is the most commonly used strut in modern vehicles, combines coil springs and shocks into one unit.

Car suspension

As with all parts and systems on your car, the shock absorption system and its individual parts wear out and must be replaced. Worn out shocks and struts not only affect the ride and performance of your car, but can contribute to other problems, such as alignment, tire wear, steering, and braking.

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