Wheel Alignment - Avoiding The Danger Signs Ahead

If you're having trouble with your car pulling to one side, it might be because your wheels are out of alignment. Don't worry, a wheel alignment can fix this issue and make sure your car drives straight. To avoid any dangers of driving with misaligned wheels, make sure to get them fixed at a trusted auto shop. Most people don't really think about their car's alignment until they notice weird tire wear or handling problems. But just like taking care of any other part of your car, keeping up with regular wheel alignments is super important.​ Regular wheel alignments are key to keeping your car running smoothly and safely.

Here are four reasons why getting your wheels aligned regularly is a must:

  • Wheel Alignments Prevent Uneven Tire Wear - The main reason to stay on top of your wheel alignments is to prevent uneven tire wear. When your wheels are out of alignment, they put extra stress on your tires. This can make them wear down faster on one side, reducing their lifespan and increasing the chances of a sudden tire failure.

  • Wheel Alignments Improve Handling - Another big reason to get regular wheel alignments is to improve how your car handles. When your wheels are out of alignment, it can make your car feel wobbly on the road. This can be risky, especially when driving fast or in bad weather conditions.

  • Wheel Alignments Improve Fuel Efficiency - If your wheels are out of alignment, your car has to work harder to move forward. This means your car will use up more fuel. Plus, misaligned wheels can slow down your car, wasting even more fuel.
  • Wheel Alignments Extend the Life of Your Suspension - When your wheels are out of alignment, they put extra strain on your suspension parts. Over time, this can cause these parts to wear out faster, leading to expensive repairs or replacements.  

Is it Bad to Drive a Car that is Out of Alignment? 

Yes, Replacing a full set of tires is one of those expensive but necessary costs that just comes with owning a car. The typical driver tries to stretch the lifespan of those tires to the limit and driving on misaligned wheels can shorten a tire’s life by thousands of miles. Ouch. But in addition to accelerated tire wear, you’ll also be paying more in gas since your miles per gallon (MPGs) will take a big hit in a car that’s expending so much energy just to drive straight.

Need your alignment fixed?

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