Summer Car Maintenance Tips for St. Louis Drivers


Engine Cooling

Make sure to check the coolant fluid level and inspect the hoses and coolant reservoir for any leaks. Fix any issues right away to avoid expensive damage.

Essential Fluids

Regularly check the levels of oil, brake, power-steering, and windshield-washer fluids. If your brakes feel weird, you might need new pads. Our technicians can help you with this.

Engine Belts

Check the serpentine belt for cracks or missing pieces. Listen for strange noises while your car is running, as it could mean a belt problem.



Replace old wiper blades that leave streaks on your windshield. Keep your windshield clean inside and out for better visibility.


Sun Shade or Rear Window Tint

Consider using a cover for your windshield to protect your dashboard from the sun. Shades for the rear and side windows can also help keep your car cool.


Air-Conditioning System

Make sure your air-conditioning is working well. Fix any leaks before recharging the system. Our mechanics can help with any issues.


Air Filter

Don't forget to change your air filter, especially if it's clogged with debris. Our technicians can assist you with this.



Check your battery for fluid loss and oxidation. Keep jumper cables in your trunk just in case.



If your car pulls to one side, get your alignment checked. Proper alignment can save on fuel costs.



Regularly check your tires for pressure, tread depth, and damage. Make sure your spare tire is in good condition.



Check your brakes before any journey to ensure they are working well. Have them checked regularly for safety.


Driver and Passengers

Take breaks and stretch on road trips to avoid fatigue. Make a checklist of essential items before leaving. Keep your insurance and driver's license up to date.


Additional Suggestions

Create a family playlist for your road trip to enjoy music together. We are here to help with any maintenance tasks, so don't hesitate to ask our technicians for assistance.