Exhaust Issues?


Your exhaust is a vital component of your vehicle. It diverts dangerous exhaust fumes away from the engine (and away from the interior cabin, as well).

How does your exhaust system work?

In short:

The fumes are sent through the catalytic converter, which burns off most of the deadly gasses and is vital for emissions standards. Then, the fumes are pumped through the muffler, which reduces noise output, and finally expelled through the rear pipe(s).

If any of these components are not working properly, have any cracks or leaks or are just plain damaged, it can lead to major engine problems.

Deadly carbon monoxide can also back up and leak into the vehicle itself, which could make you or your passengers sick and could potentially be lethal.

Here are the signs you can look for:

Check Engine Light is On
This can come on for any number of reasons, and your exhaust could be the culprit. If the check engine light is flashing, that’s more serious, you should get off the road quickly and possibly call a tow company. (We personally like Augie’s Towing!)

Strange Smells
Exhaust fumes are stinky. If the smells get really strong when you are inside the vehicle, there may be an exhaust leak or the catalytic converter is failing. Don’t take any chances of carbon monoxide poisoning, turn the vehicle off and have it towed!

Strange Noises When Accelerating
If the car gets unusually loud or there is any kind or rattling noises when you accelerate, it could be an exhaust system issue or something else. It’s always worth getting strange noises checked out. (this is what the darling baby above was being bothered by!)

Lower Fuel Efficiency
If you notice that the vehicle is getting less than normal fuel efficiency, it may be an exhaust system issue.

If you are driving and the car is vibrating or losing power, it may be an exhaust system problem.

What should you do?
At the first sign of exhaust issues, you should bring your vehicle into an expert auto repair shop like Hillside Auto Repair.

Our technicians will be able to diagnose the problem and recommend the proper repairs.

We your experts in exhaust repair and emissions. Don’t worry, we got your exhaust issues covered, so you can focus on the more precious things in your life.