Brake Fluid Maintenance

The Role of Hydraulic Fluid in Your Braking System

Your car's ability to stop safely relies on hydraulic fluid to help amplify the pressure you apply to the brake pedal. This fluid is essential for stopping a heavy, fast-moving vehicle with ease, which is why it's important to regularly maintain it for optimal performance.


Why Brake Fluid Flushes are Necessary

During a brake fluid flush, old fluid is removed and replaced with fresh fluid to maintain the smooth operation of your braking system and prevent issues from arising. There are three main issues that can arise in your braking system, making regular brake fluid flushes crucial:

  • Breakdown from Heat - The heat generated during braking can cause the brake fluid to break down over time.

  • Rust Formation - Moisture residue left behind can lead to rust forming within the brakes.

  • Contamination - Debris, rubber, and metal particles can contaminate the brake fluid solution over time.

If these issues are not addressed, they can lead to compromised brake performance and even brake failure.


When to Change Your Brake Fluid

Corrosion and rust can damage your braking system, leading to costly repairs. Regular brake fluid maintenance can help prevent these issues. It's generally recommended to schedule brake fluid flushes every 30,000 miles or 2 years, depending on your driving habits. Your vehicle's make, model, and year can also affect how often you need to change the fluid. Check your owner's manual or talk to your Service Advisor for more information.


Symptoms that may indicate the need for a brake fluid change include needing more pressure on the brake pedal to stop or seeing the dashboard brake light illuminate. If you notice clear or brown liquid leaking under your car or the fluid level is below the minimum indicator, it's important to seek professional evaluation to determine if a fluid replacement is necessary.


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