Be Festive; but keep the rockets’ red glare outside your car!

How amazing is it that the Fourth of July landed on a Saturday this year?!

(Thank you 2020 for something good!) Many of the bigger festivals may be closed due to the pandemic, so many will take to big backyard displays and fanfare.


If you choose to celebrate at home, know that you need to exercise caution! We all know about not holding fireworks in our hand, that you shouldn’t lean over them when you light them, and of course never point them at another person (or animal!). But do you ever have questions about how to transport them?

Here are some tips from Consumer Reports and the Department of Transportation on how to safely move them.

  • Never attempt to light a firework within your vehicle, either as a driver or passenger.
  • Transport fireworks in a spark-proof container, such as a plastic container.
  • Travel with the fireworks, in a spark-proof container, in your trunk.
  • Make sure fireworks are kept out of direct sunlight and don’t store them in a hot car when not driving.
  • Don’t use the car’s cigarette lighter to launch fireworks.
  • Don’t leave fireworks unsecured or unattended, especially when children may be around. If you need to make a stop while traveling, lock the fireworks in the trunk.
  • Never smoke near or while handling fireworks.

Fireworks in trunk


If you plan to purchase fireworks, four states—Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York—ban all consumer fireworks. Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, and Vermont allow novelty fireworks.  The rest of the states allow some type of use, but the laws vary.

Click Here for Missouri Fireworks Laws!

We here at Hillside Auto Repair want you to celebrate safely. Follow all the local laws and be kind to your neighbors (and their poor scared pups!) but above all else, please don’t drink and drive this holiday. Celebrate freedom!

Don’t Drink and Drive

Have a happy and safe Fourth of July!